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IEHOG on Facebook

Facebook Rules of Etiquette and IEHOG Chapter Guidelines

Our Facebook page has a simple mission:
It is an electronic place to show IEHOG members riding and having fun.

  1. Be respectful. No bashing or derogatory name-calling will be tolerated. We're all here to ride and have fun!

  2. Be polite and patient. One of the great things about Facebook is everyone gets his or her turn to comment.

  3. If you have a Chapter or Dealer event, charity function or ride coming up, it can be promoted here. If you have non-chapter ride, charity or event, bring the specifics, what, where, when, to an activities meeting or send to an activities officer for consideration at an activities meeting.
    (NOTE: Official Chapter ride information is posted on the Chapter Calendar at www.iehog.com . Information posted on the Facebook page may not be correct or complete and should not be relied upon.

  4. Our Facebook page is NOT the place to air personal grievances. Personal issues are not Chapter issues.

  5. No selling of commercial goods or services! Business card advertising is available for members in our newsletter.
    Members selling personal motorcycle related items they no longer need or use are welcome.

  6. Regrets are welcome, too. If you posted, or someone else posted, a comment or picture that you find un-welcome or embarrassing, you can ask to have the post removed. Please contact the original poster first and then a page Admin if necessary.

  7. Posts that contain dead links or or posts that are simply a link to an external website without comment will be taken down.

  8. Blocking of any Facebook page administrator will result in a members removal from the Facebook group.

  9. Riverside Harley-Davidson and Inland Empire Harley Owners Group reserve the right to change, edit, alter, or delete any posting or message on any electronic media or forum, like Facebook, Twitter, and others without consulting the originator or seeking thier consent so long as the media or forum is sponsored by Riverside Harley-Davidson and/or I.E.HOG. Any postings deemed inappropriate will be removed. See the Chapter website for system administrators.

If you're a Chapter Member please join us on

Facebook Admins
Mitch Lavine - IEHOG Director
Jim Bridges - Chapter Manager
Sean Schoeppner - IEHOG Media
Pete LeClair - IEHOG Webmaster

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