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Welcome to the Inland Empire
Ladies of Harley/font>

So you ask, what is LOH?

LOH stands for Ladies of Harley and it was established by Harley Owners Group to encourage female Harley-Davidson motorcycle enthusiasts to become more involved in chapter rides and activities that support the Inland Empire Chapter and our Dealership, Riverside Harley-Davidson. Ladies of Harley is an auxiliary group of women who run their own meetings and forums designed to promote and sponsor activities/adventures from within the local H.O.G. Chapter that both the men and ladies can participate in.

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Why you should join LOH?

It is the mission of Inland Empire LOH to encourage all our members, male and female, to participate and help coordinate Chapter and Dealership rides, events and activities. By joining LOH, as a lady in this world of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, we can be an integral part of creating activities that are not solely dominated by men. Since H.O.G. is all about family fun, LOH was formed to provide a voice to be heard from the ladies.

Additionally, it is important to know that LOH members do NOT have to be motorcycle riders, you can simply be an enthusiastic passenger who is willing to participate a little .. or a lot.

The Inland Empire LOH Chapter is proud to say that we are self-supporting. Our LOH ladies volunteer their time to raise funds for all our activities. We welcome your time, energy and creativity to make the Inland Empire Ladies of Harley one of the best in California.

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How do you join LOH?

It is important to know that LOH is not a separate group from H.O.G.It is an additional benefit, FREE of charge but participation is not automatic. When you become a National member of H.O.G. as a full or an associate member, you will need to indicate that you also want to be a member of LOH. Once you have joined, you will receive a Ladies of Harley designation on your H.O.G. member card as well as a LOH patch and pin to wear proudly.

If you are already an LOH Member, be sure to

  • Go on line to update your profile at hog.com

  • Refer to the activities calendar in our Chapter Newsletter, the Handlebar Star for dates, times and locations of our monthly meetings.b>

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